Thursday, December 13, 2012

Check youself-It's Okay to Take a Little Time

     It seems this time of year is crazy fou fou for everyone.  Whether you're a student and you're facing those last few papers or you're trying to cram in some sort of Christmas shopping (or both like me) you find yourself a little stressed.   Sometimes I like to say, "Just give me a couple minutes so I can organize my life".  Although your schedule might be a little jam packed there is no reason to let yourself get run down as I often do during this time of year.  Don't let yourself get run down!
Taking out more books for my research paper  what was I thinking

     My best suggestion, a suggestion I have to remind myself on a daily basis, is to take care of your mind and body.  Taking care of your body can amount to even little things don't forget to take your vitamins, drink water, keep exercising, and get your eight hours a night!  And if your body feels good you feel good.  It is a good cycle.  
    When you're studying no matter how much you want to don't eat that whole plate of cookies and no matter how much you want to just don't drink three monsters in one sitting.  Bad idea! While energy drinks are not my first choice other caffeinated beverages, like COFFEE!!, are!  For one if you drink too much coffee you won't be able to sleep when it comes time leading to a sleep deprived you in the morning leading to more coffee leading to another sleep deprived you.  Bad bad cycle.  I suggest when you're studying drinking tea.  Tea always helps me focus and it doesn't disrupt my sleep. I suggest Tazo for a tea brand their flavors are some of my favorites. 

     Now, that tackles dangerous studying habits.  It might sound silly, but meditation I have found to be one of the quickest remedies for my stressful times.  While I would much rather have a full yoga session and then some mediation.  Just a couple minutes of meditation always does the trick for me.  You refocus yourself and can block everything else out.  Just a minute of meditating and deep breaking can really refresh you.

Whenever I'm stressed I have to constantly remind myself to take a little time.  Sometimes I just take a day if I feel I need it.  I don't go hangout with anyone I just take my time and recenter myself.  Just as much a reminder for myself as for others. 

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