Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas. It's not too late!

I'll admit I'm going to be the one scrambling for gifts this year.  And there is always some people who I never know what to buy for them.  They either have everything or are impossible to please.  As I've grown older I've realized the real meaning of Christmas more and more every year.  Not to sound cliche, but Christmas does not always have to do necessarily with your religious backgrounds.  A person can have any religious affiliation and still enjoy the sentiments of Christmas.  The holiday truly creates a time for one to spend time with your family, your friends, and those closest to you, because those are the things that matter most in this world.

Another great aspect of Christmas is helping others.  Christmas reminds us to help our communities and give back to those less fortunate.  The more one contributes to their community that they care about the more their community gives back to them.  In addition to being involved with community service projects and volunteering someone can always donate.  Donations meaning money, but through your presents too!

There are a couple of options here:
1- You can donate a present to a great cause like Toys for Tots.
2- You can a 'present' for someone else in lieu of  the original recipient.  Meaning you make a sort of donation on their behalf and they can see where this money went.
3- You can purchase a present from a company that donates part of their profits towards a worthy cause or supports developing economies.

For option #2 UNICEF has a really helpful website with various options to make a direct difference.  Examples include a 'magical measles vaccine' to 'a bundle of health'.  You can buy some of these items here Gifts for Charity UNICEF.

Regarding option #3 my favorite resource I have found for this method is Do Good Buy Us.  They have a variety of gifts and they are all organized so you can find a gift in your price range while making  a difference.  I'm definitely looking into some coffee life jackets from them and some new funky headbands from the njabini  category.  This is a really innovative way to make a difference while still finding a cool present for someone or yourself.  I'll let you know how my Christmas purchases go. :)

Njabini - Nalani Headband


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