Friday, January 11, 2013

life as a history major

As a history major when I saw this meme I fell in love.  It's so close to home.  It's ridiculous!  Therefore I felt the need to share it.  One of the woes of being a history major, or well a humanities major for that matter, is that dreaded question at Thanksgiving.  Relatives, Family Friends, anyone who knows your major asks, "What are you going to do with that?"  Sometimes I get frustrated I'll admit and I want to yell at them asking what they did with their major.  Of course I don't!

Now what I have learned about being a history major is skills, flexibility, and concepts.  When one is a history major it's true there is no job out there with the title 'for history majors'.  Well, unless you're literally going to be a historian.  Otherwise you learn to look at future job opportunities with more flexibility.  You ask yourself what can I do with what I've learned. The classes I have taken as a history major taught me to look at the world differently and to look at people differently. I can recognize multiple factors that played into creating a multifaceted story where one might just see a one time occurrence or event.

Now often I find myself feeling the same way the 'What I actually do' box says, but I know I can take advantage of multiple opportunities because my major isn't so specific as other majors.  I can apply it to more fields.  It's kind of scary having a major that does not always lead to a specific job, but it's also pretty liberating.

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